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About Us | StåSoft anti-fatigue mats for kitchen and home-office

StåSoft is a small family business based in Stockholm. Our goal is to combine ergonomic mats with simple Scandinavian design. When it becomes more comfortable to stand up, we stand longer!

These types of soft, ergonomic mats are popular in the United States, where Jeff is from. We bought a couple of mats from the US and used them in our kitchen in Stockholm. During the corona pandemic, we both started working from home and noticed that we moved around the mats to be able to work more comfortably in different places at home. When we wanted to buy an additional standing mat, we had a hard time finding something similar in Scandinavia, so we decided to design our own and started our web shop. 

StåSoft's standing mats are intended to work in many different types of homes and are especially great to use in the kitchen and home-office. We hope that our mats fit well in your home and encourage you to stand more often. 

StåSoft Om Oss bild med bebis och ståmatta i hemmet